August 12, 2013

Fitness ~ Why I'm a Firm Believer in Walking and Wrapping

Okay guys, here's this weeks motivational pictures. I have declined to give you the exact amount of my weight simply because I don't have to but just know i've reached my size 2 goal.... holla!!!  In any weight.... I mean rate, I hope you're off the couch and wrapping and walking! If you're new to the walking bandwagon and want to know what i'm talking about, read the posts below and watch the video included in the post.

I wrote an in-dept Blog Post about wrapping with Albolene with more photos when I first started my journey. You can read more about it HERE.

Make sure you're using your Neoprene waist belts whenever you wrap.  It's so important and helps shed inches from your waist and back.... wear two or three if you have to and cover those hips if necessary.
Wrapping and Walking using Albolene

 When I go out walking, i'm usually wearing some kind of pullover that usually zips up the front, I have some that doesn't have zippers but most of them have hoods (don't want to use the word hoddie and you know why!).  Anyway, they have pockets for my keys and cellphone.

Wrapping and Walking using Albolene

I'm always wearing a big flop hat or visor with sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen.  I wear a pair of black exercise gloves to cover my hands because they get really dark and spotty from the sun, also the skin around my nail beds get darker and  I really don't like that look.  On my next post, i'll feature a lot of the things i've collected to make my walk easier such as hats, visors, water bottle straps, etc. so stay tuned.

Wrapping and Walking using Albolene