Fitness ~ My Crazy Week of Exercise, Blogging and Wig Designing

Abolene for 10 lb Weight Loss

Since i've been Wrapping & Walking (with my belly covered of course!) i've been making so much progress. Now don't get me wrong, i've never been overweight, i've just been slightly larger than my normal size.... (this is such a classy way of saying it don't you think:) Anyway, between Blogging and Wigmaking (yes i'm a Wig Designer)..... my life is getting really hectic and i've been having to squeeze my walking workouts in.

Now, i've been spending so much time on this Blog, nothing you can really see with the naked eye, but i've been really trying to connect my Blog with my Youtube channel.  I've been on YT since 2010 uploading Wigmaking videos left and right, but I didn't start uploading beauty videos until mid 2012 or so.  But when I started doing the beauty videos on YT, I wasn't adding my Blog links which would take readers to the specific Blog posts I was vlogging about.

So fast forward to this week, i've been slowly going back and forth between YT and my Blog copying and pasting links inside their respective videos.  Can you imagine me sitting for hours doing all this tedious work in hopes that someone who watches my videos would click the link and show me a little Blog love..... which would ultimately help increase my pageviews.... whew! 
Abolene for 10 lb Weight Loss

So I've literally spent precious hours this week working on my Blog and the other precious hours working on Lace Wigs for my Clients.  With all that sitting (which is how I gained weight in the first place) I knew I had to force myself up and out of the house for my 3 mile power walk every day.

My Crazy Pink Fitness Week Tips

If you're new here, you can read all about my fitness journey and how i've been wrapping with saran wrap and walking the lbs off -  WEIGHT LOSS.