Lifestyle ~ Tummy Tuck Procedure on African American #beautyover50

African American Tummy Tuck Surgery

Since my Blog is dedicated to beauty over 50, I thought that I would share some of the things I had done while I was in my 40's... simply because I wanted to dispel the myth that... black girls don't have plastic surgery.  A very good friend of mine wants to have a tummy tuck, I told her that I would share my experience in a video on my Youtube for anyone that wanted more information on the procedure.

I wasn't one of those fortunate people (you know who you are) to go through 9 months of pregnancy and not get a single stretch mark anywhere on my body.  It was quite the opposite for me actually.  I got them everywhere! Fortunately the ones on my thighs disappeared over the years but the really bad ones were right below my navel.  My stretch marks were huge and they looked worse than railroad tracks. I had one pregnancy and it literally destroyed my body!

Tummy Tuck Procedure on African American

I've actually had quite a few things done.... always in search of that fountain of youth so-to-speak, but all in all, I share my experience in my video.  With that said, this video talks about my tummy tuck experience and what you can expect with before and after photos at the end.

I decided to add the more graphic photos at the end of this video because they aren't suitable for young children. If you have any questions that I didn't answer in the video, don't hesitate to comment below!