July 15, 2013

Beauty ~ My Beloved Rock and Republic Blush in Lust Returns!

Rock & Republic Blush in Lust
Rock & Republic (R&R) was a makeup line that's been discontinued for about 2yrs now.  Their collection contained about 10 beautiful blushes that were to die for.  R&R blush in "Lust" is my favorite blush of all times... hands down, there's no other blush in this Universe that I love more than Lust.  It's breathtakingly beautiful on my ebony skin and gives my cheeks an amazing glow that I can't even begin to describe in words.

Rock and Republic Blush in Lust

Ultimately when you use and abuse a product over and over something's bound to happen....yep, it broke and of course I was heartbroken.  But I continued to use it in it's broken state and decided to search the blog sales for a replacement.

Rock and Republic Blush in Lust

I love shopping other people's makeup stash especially those in the Mac Cosmetics Community.  Even moreso, I love visiting the coveted MUA Blogsale Community always on the hunt for discontinued treasures that are in excellent condition.

One day I was browsing through the Blogsales in the MUA community I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this blush for sale in depotted form.  I immediately posted my lemmings along with my Paypal address for invoicing... when the invoice came I breathed a sign of relief.  I would soon have a replacement for my beloved broken blush, how lucky I felt at that moment! 

Rock and Republic Blush in Lust

The seller wrapped it in tons of bubble wrap and cardboard, probably because I expressed how mine had broken from carelessness. The older the powder products, the more prone they are to breaking so you must be really careful how you handle them..... lessons learned.