Fitness | Lose Unwanted Inches Walking and Wrapping with Albolene

Lose Unwanted Inches Walking and Wrapping with Albolene

I'm truly a firm believer of wrapping my body with Albolene and saran wrap for weight lost and burning fat.  I spoke in-depth about it in several blog posts HERE and HERE with more photos when I first started my weight loss journey.  My body stores fat because i've reached a certain age where i'm supposed to have a cushion if you will.  My body doesn't know any better so every little morsel of food I eat stores as fat.

Albolene for Weight Loss

Early on in my 20's and 30's I will admit to starving and going through extreme measures to keep the weight off but that has all changed once I reached my 40's.  It became all about healthy living and finding ways to keep my weight down without taking drastic measures to lose weight. After  you wrap with Albolene and saran wrap, it's very important to use a neoprene waist belt. I had the one above for awhile and I selected a few inexpensive ones that I think you might like here, here and here.
Albolene for Weight Loss
My workout of choice is cycling.  There's no pressure on any of my joints like ankles or knees.  I'm sitting cycling and working on my laptop at the same time, so it's a win win for me.  Added to the mix is my 5lb ankle weighs that I wear.  These give my legs an extra boost in building and toning those large thigh muscles.  There's no pressure from wearing them because my feet are placed firmly flat on the pedals and not moving.  You know, many people may think I look perfect but in reality there's always room for improvement..... so I keep striving to have the "Perfect Body Over 50!"