Beauty ~ Beautiful Bronzers for Ebony Complexions

Beautiful Bronzers for Ebony Complexions

With summer upon us, I thought I would share my top picks for ebony complexions.  With the vast range of brown skin tones, not every product works for us so we have to be very careful not to waste our hard earned dollars on products that are hit or miss.

 Bronzers are not really marketed for brown skin girls typically because we are already tanned, therefore we have to be very careful when selecting bronzers simply because they have a tendency to blend into our skin instead of enhancing it. I've took the liberty of sharing a few of my top picks for enhancing brown skin tones, these are mainly used for contouring around the jawbone, cheeks and across the forehead where bronzers are usually applied.

Mac Guilty Bronze Skisheen Sick / Tom Ford Bronzed Amber

Mac Guilty Bronze Skinsheen Stick was a limited edition item released in summer 2012 in Mac's Surf Baby Collection.  It is a very beautiful golden bronze with bronze shimmer throughout it. This can be used as a contour or swiped acrossed the cheeks for just a hint of color on those hot summer days.

Tom Ford Bronzed Amber was released with the summer 2013 collection as a limited edition item.  It is a fiery bronze/red with bronze shimmers throughout it.  It's slightly redder than Mac's Guilty Bronze but it has it's own distinct color that's unlike no other.  When I put it on I feel like a Goddess... literally!  It's one of the sexiest pieces of makeup I own and if you don't have it, shame on you! You can find swatch and comparisons of them here.

Mac Refined Deeper Bronze / Mac Sun Power MSF
Mac Refined Deeper Bronze was a limited edition item released with the Mac All About Bronze collection I believe in 2010. It is a bronze golden color with bronze shimmer throughout it.  This bronzer isn't really deep in color so darker brown complexions would have to give an extra swipe or two to build the color enough where you would be satisfied with it. You can find a swatch here.

Mac Sun Power MSF was released in July of 2011 as a limited edition item along with another MSF called Give Me Sun.  They are both beautiful colors but Sun Power has more of a deeper bronze for contouring brown skin tones.  The color is a reddish brown matte without any shimmer particles.  It does look very pretty when used as a blush with the right highlighter applied over it. You can find a swatch here.

Guerlain Terra Soleia Bronzer / Guerlain Terracotta 03 Bronzer

Guerlain Terra Soleia Bronzer was released in July 2012 as a limited edition item. It is a very beautiful golden bronze color with more gold than bronze which makes it (in my opinion) more of a highlighter than a bronzer.  The reason I reviewed it with the bronzers is because it can be worn over Guerlain's Terracotta 03 Bronzer for a stunning effect. You can find a swatch here.

Guerlain's Terracotta 03 Bronzer is a permanent item in the Guerlain makeup line. It has gold shimmers throughout which give off a beautiful glow to the skin.  The Terracotta collection consist of bronzers ranging in colors from 00 -- 08 with 08 being the darkest.  I choose 03 because I like to use the lighter bronzers to set my foundation, it creates a beautiful shimmer overlay that gives my complexion a nice glow. You can find a swatche here.

Mac Solar Richie / Mac Refined Golden

Mac Solar Richie Bronzer was a limited edition release from Mac To The Beach collection from 2008 (maybe?).  It is a medium brown in color and has bronze shimmer particles throughout it which give of a very beautiful summer glow.  I like to wear this over Mac's Guilty Bronze Skinsheen stick because the two colors together are stunning.  

Mac Refined Golden was also released in Mac To The Beach collection.  It might as well be a permanent bronzer because it's always re-released every year.  This bronzer is slightly lighter in color than the Solar Richie. It also has bronze shimmer particles throughout which creates a beautiful look to wear over your foundation... which is how I wear it.

Nars Irresistiblement and Nars Casino

Nars Irresistiblement Bronzer is part of their permanent collection and is a very beautiful warm bronze that would look stunning on lighter brown skin beauties.  I have it in my collection because I like to wear it over my foundation because it gives my skin a very different glow than the plain setting powders.  You can find a swatche here.

Nars Casino Bronzer is also part of their permanent collection.  It doesn't contain any shimmer particles like Mac bronzers, it's the perfect matte bronzer to compliment any blush color.  It's very popular with brown skin beauties because of it's matte color and also because it's a permanent item.  You can find a swatch here

All in all, there's some very beautiful bronzers on the market today that works well with brown skin tones.  I did not review any drug store brands like Milani, Elf, Cover Girl, Revlon or L'Oreal because they are mostly stock items that you can by from almost any drug store.  I chose to only review high end bronzers to give a broader range of the more exclusive brands that release limited edition items worth buying.

What are some of your favorite bronzers?