Fashion | My Favorite Chanel Sunglasses for Summer

Chanel Sunglasses for Summer

Every woman should own a pair of Chanel sunglasses, she should have at least one pair in her arsenal.  Chanel's sunglasses are classic and timeless, never over-stated or exaggerated, always understated but makes a bold presence. 

These are my very beautiful pink Chanel sunglasses.  I'm so afraid i'll scratch them that I only wear them on special occasions.  I'd never seen a pair of pink Chanel sunglasses before and once I saw these, I knew they were mine.  These aren't very good for blocking out sun-rays, actually, I can't really wear them when the sun is shinning brightly because i'll quench too much.

Pink Chanel Sunglasses

These sunglasses are very unique because of how the lenses are set inside the frame.  These are definitely more sporty than any of the ones I own, but they feel very lightweight and the vision is flawless.  I wear these on most weekends during the summer months. They are so small and sleek, I feel very classy when i'm wearing them.

Chanel Black Sunglasses

These sunglasses caught my eye because of the rhinestones.  You wouldn't even know that these were Chanel unless you keep up with her collections.  These block the sun really well and I find myself grabbing them when i'm headed out for my early morning power walks.

Chanel Rhinestone Sunglasses

I probably own about 8 pairs of Chanel sunglasses.  I started collecting them when I would visit Paris during my years as a Flight Attendant.  We (the crew) would always pay a visit to the Chanel Flagship Store and buy at least one item.... I would always buy a pair of sunglasses.  Back then, I wasn't beauty blogging, actually I didn't have the time so I didn't start my blog until after I retired in 2008, but it wasn't a beauty blog, it was a Spiritual blog.
Chanel Sunglasses for Summer