Fitness | Is Albolene Really Effective for Weight Loss and Removing Cellulite?

Albolene for Weight Loss & Removing Cellulite

I've been using Albolene for removing unwanted cellulite for well over a year now. It all started when I vaguely heard someone in my Yoga class mention that Albolene had helped them shed unwanted cellulite from their waist after using it for a period of time with a waist belt. Well, i'm one of those people that can't take anyone's word, I have to try everything for myself. So I placed my order for the Waist Belt and for the Albolene and could't wait for it to arrive. There's another option that does the same thing called Sweet Sweat which I discovered after using Albolene for awhile but never tried it.

Abolene for 10 lb Weight Loss

I went to YouTube to watch a few videos on how to apply it.  I was quite surprised because it seems this method has been around for quite sometime.  In any rate, the way this product works is that you rub it onto the areas you want to target and wrap those areas with saran wrap.  I went further and used my neoprene waist belt which I normally wear while exercising anyway to help support my lower back.
Abolene for 10 lb Weight Loss
I wrapped my body from right underneath my breast bone to right below my knees as shown in the photo below (I have some fat on my knees that I didn't like), then I put on my stretch pants, waist belt and top. The key to keeping the saran wrap in place is definitely tight stretch pants, bra tops and of course the neoprene belt.  The very first time I wrapped it was quite difficult.  I wasn't sure how much saran wrap to use and I might have gotten a little carried away with it.  Well to my surprise, after I finished my workout I was soak and wet underneath the plastic. A plus was that the moisture didn't penetrate through my workout clothes.

 Albolene for Weight Loss
The Results
After the first week I begin noticing some small results on my lower back area where my love handles are. then I started noticing slight results on my butt and thighs, they were definitely getting thinner. As I mentioned above, I was wrapping all the way down to my knees and on some occasions all the way down to my ankles (but not that often). 

I only wrapped on the days that I did cardio. My cardio consist of the elliptical and the treadmill. When on the treadmill, I do an incline of about 10 and set the speed of 2.8-3.0 for 30 mins. Then I proceed to the elliptical and I set the incline on 10 and the steps to 5 for another 30 mins. 

The biggest area of improvement has definitely been my upper and lower waistline.  I have a short torso and long legs.... i'm 5'7" and my weight has stabilized at 140 lbs.  Though I can go up to 145 if I pack on more muscle so i'm very careful to keep the muscle at bay. Overall I've lost a lot of inches around my torso so I will definitely keep wrapping with Albolene for maintenance!

Factoring in Nutrition
I think many times we forget about the most important factors of our weight loss program and that's the nutritional aspects of the program. The older we get, the slower our metabolism becomes and the normal foods that we're used to eating just doesn't give us the results that we're searching for. Since this article is really about Albolene, it would be very deceiving for me to tell you that I lost 15 lbs simply from wrapping and walking... you wouldn't believe me anyway. I had to seriously watch my food intake and count calories and this meant cutting carbs. 

This meant going back to the basics... living on a very simple diet. I started researching ways on how to prepare meals for my husband and I that we would enjoy and leave us feeling satisfied.  That's when I came across the eMeals Low Carb Plan.    I decided to invest into the plan which is also an App that you log into that give you low carb meals that are very simple to prepare.  You know exactly how many carbs are in each meal and can calculate your carb intake for the entire day.  This program was the answer to my prayers because I was very serious about losing weight.

The video below shows you how I wrap my body!