Beauty ~ Do You Think This Photo from PS Beauty's Website is Racist?

Is there such a skin tone as Black or Deep Black? I was deeply offended by this photo and felt it was racist. What are your thoughts?
PS Beauty's Website Racist Photo
I received an email from this company called PS Beauty.  They asked me if I would take a look at their website and give my opinions on their new site. Their website uses technology to match beauty products such as foundations based on the information submitted in your profile.

Here is a screenshot of the actual page from their website.

PS Beauty's Website Racist Photo

Here is the email I received:
Hello Lily,  
Some of the girls in the office actually recommended your blog a while back and I've just stumbled upon it again! 

Love your blog, you actually have really interesting posts! Since browsing the site I now really want the superfood, and preglued lashes! ( I know you weren't a big fan of the lashes, but they seem really handy for a clutz like me :) )

Since you're also a beauty aficionado, I was hoping to get your opinion on our new beauty site - we've built technology that recommends the best beauty products based on products you've tried. So if you rate more products the technology learns what you like and should give you more accurate matches!

Here's the current version of our personalised foundation finder  We've got some really exciting updates coming soon - but I'd love to know your quick thoughts of what you think so far? 

Below is my response:
Hi Xxxx,
I was quite impressive and actually very excited to join the program, I created a password and everything. Then the most amazing thing happened, the system asked me to select my skin tone.  The choices were I believe "Fair, Medium, Olive, Black & Dark Black"..... are you $@$#&%$ kidding me? 

As an African American women I was highly offended!  How dare you use such racial connotations that are offensive and outright stereotypical to describe our complexion.  While you used Fair, Medium and Olive to describe women of lighter skin tones, you blatantly chose to offend women with darker skin by calling us "black and dark black."  In case you didn't realize, our skin is Brown, our race is Black/African American. 

There are a million words you could have used such as Brown, Caramel, Chestnut, Sienna, Almond, Tawny, Bronze, etc.  Try checking Fashion Fair Cosmetics for a range of names that compliment women with Brown skin.

To make matters worse, you complimented the words "black and dark black" with black and dark black photos.  Yes I am a Blogger and i've taken a screen-shot of that offensive page and will definitely make a point to show the African American online beauty community how rude and disrespectful your website is and not to patronize it. 

I really hope that this website replaced these photos with respectable photos that represent out skin color and recognizes that racism will not be tolerated.