Beauty ~ Thinning Hair Fill and Color for Traction Alopecia

Thinning Hair Fill and Color for Traction Alopecia

I'm apologizing in advance if this photo grosses some people out but yes, I have Traction Alopecia as shown on the left.  How did I get it?  Well, i'm glad you asked! Let's just say... years (and i'm talking 20+ yrs) of braiding, weaving, sewing and perming took a toll on my edges.  As you must know there's so many things on the market and as a "wigologist/wigmaker" it's my job to keep abreast of them.

I'm always searching for the latest and greatest way to conceal my edges so I can wear falls and ponytails instead of full wigs in the summer, so when I saw the Thinning Hair Fill & Color on QVC, I decided to order it.  My goal for this product was to see how well it works on African American curly textured hair.

Thinning Hair Fill and Color for Traction Alopecia

The product comes packaged very nicely as shown in the photo above.  There were 4 colors to choose from and I choose the darkest color which was Medium/Dark Brown.  It came with two brushes, one for the eyebrows and one for the scalp.

Thinning Hair Fill and Color for Traction Alopecia

I didn't try the eyebrow brush because it was a little to thick for my taste.  My eyebrows are actually tattooed, they fell out about 10yrs ago but I wasn't interested in using this product on my eyebrows at all.  I found the brush for the hair also a little to stiff for my taste.  It created streaks on my scalp so I choose to use a small kabuki brush from my stash.  I was able to achieve some blending using the kabuki brush.

 Traction Alopecia
On the Left is my Natural Hairline Without any Product
On the Right I used the Thinning Hair Fill & Color

In the Infomercial, the technician applied it once but  I had to keep re-applying it at least 4 to 5 times to achieve the results in the photo above.  So for that reason I gave this product a C+.  

Traction Alopecia
On the Left is Thinning Hair Fill In Color
On the Right is Thinning Hair Fill & Color and Cover Grey Stick

In the photo above, I applied the Cover Grey Stick over the powder along with the Dr. Miracle Edge Holding Gel to smooth out my edges.  With all these products, I was able to achieve my desired results.


 For those of you that want to see my in-depth review, i've uploaded a video showing my traction alopecia and how I applied this product to my hair.

The Cover Gray Stick is a matte crayon like product in lipstick packaging.  These two products together gave me the results I needed to wear my hair back in a ponytail or fall.

Cover Your Grey

Cover Your Grey

I hope this review was helpful to anyone that has any type of Alopecia and has been wondering about what products works on African Curly Textured Hair.

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