Lifestyle ~ How To Deep Clean Your Contacts Using Clear Care

Clear Care Contact Solution

I made a 2 minute video on how the Clear Care works, it cleans the most difficult residue and protein buildup on  contacts and leaves them so clear it's amazing.  Prior to using Clear Care, I was having the hardest time cleaning my contacts for some reason.  I just couldn't get the buildup off and I would spent a lot of time rubbing.

I wear monthly contacts by PureVision.  The reason I chose to wear monthly's is because they seem to fit my lifestyle a little better than bi-monthly's.  I also wear monovision contacts.   Monovision is where you use one eye for distance and the other eye for reading.  So in a sense you're really only using one eye at a time.  I love this method because I can drive and see clearly and when i'm reading, my vision is also very clear.

Here's the downside about monovision, whatever task you're preforming, that dominant eye takes over, so if i'm reading, my dominant reading eye takes over and when I look up at something in the distance, I sometimes have to focus on it for a second or two until it becomes clear.  It is the same way for distance, if i'm looking at something in a distance and then I look down at a book or something i'm reading, it may take a second or two for the focus to come through.  Other than this little minor flaw (and it's not like that for everyone) I love the monovision contacts and wouldn't change a thing.

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