Nails ~ Candy Lacquer's Berry Crush

Candy Lacquer's Berry Crush
Now that it's Spring and the sun is shining a little more, I can take photos outside in the natural daylight, but i'm realizing I forgot to adjust my camera's settings from Tungsten to Automatic.

Candy Lacquer's Berry CrushCandy Lacquer's Berry Crush

I blogged about my Candy Lacquer purchase here when I first bought them.  My little nails are finally showing some promise, they've seem to be adjusting well to the gel i've been applying to get them to stop breaking.

Candy Lacquer's Berry Crush

I haven't matched my toes and fingers in quite a long time but now that Spring's here, I can pull out my sandals and have a little fun!

Candy Lacquer's Berry Crush

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