How I Made Youtube Partner

How I Made Youtube Partner

When I first joined YouTube in June 2010, it was because I wanted to demonstrate some fundamental skills for Wigmaking.  Yes i'm a Wigmaker and I've helped quite a few women that have lost their hair from Chemo, Alapecia or hereditary factors. So after 3yrs and 100 videos later i've finally made Partner on my Channel!

What does being a YT Partner mean?  Well if you're a frequent visitor to YouTube then you're probably familiar with the advertisements that are splashed across the videos.  Well it's a huge way of making extra income through Google.  There are normal people like you and me that makes anywhere from $100 to $5000 a month or more.

This is just a short video thanking my YouTube followers for watching my channel. The ads on the videos is exclusive to YT Partners only, so the more videos you have, the more money you'll make.

Your video views don't have to be in the high number to start making money since everyone starts at the bottom of the revenue pool and works they way up, but if your videos views are over 10,000 you will start seeing a nice profit.  

Most of my "How To" videos are my highest grossing videos.  My all time highest grossing video is "How to Clean a Chandelier believe it or not! This video has gotten over 12,000 hits in counting.

With Youtube and Adsense, i'm generating income from what I love doing which is making Wigmaking videos and blogging about makeup!