Beauty ~ Masqueology Lifting & Firming Mask for Anti-Aging

 Masqueology Lifting & Firming Mask
I was searching through Sephora online for Masque when I came across these facial mask by MasqueologyThere are 3 packets in a box for $24/box. I never tried these all over facial mask before and was very intrigued.... so I ordered two boxes.  I used to have very oily skin but through the aging process my skin has become a bit drier in some areas. My concentration is now on hydrating and moisturizing while lifting and firming... which seems to be the main concern for women 50+.

300x250 BOP

I decided to try this while soaking in the bathtub, I had my camera carefully placed on the side of the tub where I could grab it once I got comfortable, I also had a mirror so I could properly place the masque on my skin without it being lopsided.  I actually had my eyes open and just closed them for the photo. 

After the 20mins was up, I massaged the remaining moisture into my skin and carefully patted my skin dry with a towel.  I felt very refreshed and although I didn't notice any immediate results in my skin the next morning, I know any kind of skin nourishment is better than none.
 Goddesslily-Masqueology Lifting & Firming Mask

Product Details

Masqueology Anti-Aging Facial Mask.  A rayon cellulose single use facial mask saturated with advanced multi-functioning ingredients that contours to your face leaving it smoother and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

·         Wash your face to remove makeup and any environmental toxins.
·         Gently unfold mask and place on your face, adjust the eyes, nose and mouth opening. Eyes and mouth can either be covered or exposed. • Relax for 20 minutes with the mask in place.
·         Remove the mask from your face and discard.
·         No need to rinse, massage remaining product into your face and neck.

Use as often as desired as a regular part of your skincare program. USE IMMEDIATELY AFTER OPENING.

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    Helps to restore a youthful complexion
     Diminish the visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles

Key Ingredients:

·         Collagen
·         Helps produce and build collagen in the skin
·         Oat Kernel Extract
·         Anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties
·         Moisturizing and anti-aging effects
·         Contains saponins and polyphenols (avenacosides A and B, avenacin)
·         Hydrolyzed Elastin
·         Naturally derived, water-soluble protein
·         Caviar Extract
·         Highly Antioxidant and Nourishing
·         Repairs skin damage
·         Provides moisture and cell metabolism is stimulated
·         High in Vitamin content: A, D, E, B1, B2 and B6 with amino acid, iron, copper and cobalt

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