January 8, 2017

Beauty ~ Clarins Extra-Firming Lift Serum

 Clarins Extra-Firming Lift Serum
I received a sample of this product but i'm not sure where, probably Sephora. Anyway, I decided to use it one morning underneath my primer. To my amazement I noticed a few things immediately. First, my large pores were closing up, second, the lines in my forehead were disappearing and lastly, the skin around my eyes became slightly tighter.  I don't have bags or puffiness but I do have fine lines due to aging.  

The packet had enough for two applications so I decided to try it again the next day just to be sure what I was experiencing was real. Well, I noticed the same things happening again and I liked the results so I decided to buy it. 

You can find out more about this product on here!

 Clarins Extra-Firming Lift Serum

 I'm not trying to sell it, i'm just posting my results for those of you that have mature skin and might be looking for something to lift and tighten.  Prior to this i've been using Shiseido's Firming Essence Serum which cost $89.  Serums are usually quite expensive but in my opinion, they last a really long time, about 3 months. I hope this review was helpful!