January 27, 2013

Nails ~ Weekly Manicure ~ Orly Foul Play

Orly Foul Play
I feel like I have to throw on a coat of glitter because it helps to keep the polish on longer.  Right now with the weather rainy and cold, I just want my nails to stay coated because once the polish chips, they tend to break.
I'm no longer using the gel base because the process of scraping the gel off has made them really weak and brittle.  Now it's going to take up to 3mos before I have a new set of strong nails, so for now i'm filing little by little and trying to keep them as hard as possible.

Orly Foul Play

This is the Stila Holiday Glitter Mini's that I purchased from Sephora during the holidays. Not expensive at all and they sure are coming in handy!

Orly Foul Play

Stila Holiday Glitter Mini's

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