January 21, 2013

Nails ~ Orly Ingenue Polish

 Orly Ingenue Polish
I picked this color called Ingenue by Orly from my stash. I just love these gradient iridescent colors, i'm sure the nail world has given them a proper name but i'm pretty new to the nail world so i'll just call it iridescent for now.  I going to try and do my nails every Sunday in hopes to join the nail ban wagon.

 I always use one coat of Top Gel overlay to keep my nails from chipping.  Note that using any kind of top gel you nails have to completely dry before applying the gel.  Once applied, cure the nails for 2mins using a UV light, then wipe away the sticky stuff with alcohol. To remove the gel, just fill the clear coat off using a heavy grit nail file.

 Orly Ingenue Polish

Ingenue by Orly
 Orly Ingenue Polish

Today was a school holiday and I had my 9yr old granddaughter today so I decided to do her nails also, she picked the color and all the little nail designs she wanted to use from our stash.

Little Girl Nails