2012 Fall Favorites

I've never done any kind of favorites so to kick things off, I decided to post a video of things i've been loving during the Fall.  Next year i'll start doing monthly favorites of my beauty products and continue the pattern with the seasons as well.

Scented Soy Candles ~ I bought one from Home Goods on a whim while browsing through their store.  I was overwhelmed with all the candle choices but I knew I wanted one that had two wicks, so that made my choice very easy.  Candles that have two wicks burn very even preventing the wax from building up on one side.

Flowery Porcelain Mugs ~ I also bought these from Home Goods around Valentine's day. The boxes were so pretty I saved them hoping to use them somehow.  I love drinking teas in these mugs because they're just so beautiful.

iPhone 5 ~ I have to admit i'm a Blackberry user so going from a Blackberry to an iPhone was no easy feat.  I'm still getting used to tapping an invisible keyboard and I know practice makes perfect.

UD Naked Palettes ~ I've had a hard time wearing neutral in the past so tend to not use them often.  But after watching a few YT videos, I braved the unknown and pulled my palettes out and tried to master a few looks.  So far i'm enjoying them and i'm really feeling a bit more natural... who knew they're becoming a part of my daily staples.

Tall Ceramic Mug ~ Another one of my favorite mugs for tea.  This one has a removable top with an open and closed cover which really keeps my teas hot.  It's a very large mug and good for having one large cup of tea that last the entire morning.

Rock & Republic Blushes ~ R&R's makeup line has been discontinued for about 3yrs now so having these blushes in my collection is quite the gem.  Lately i've been using them all fearing that they'll waste away and not receive any love.  They're all so beautiful and suits any skin tone and that's why I love them.

Republic of Teas ~ Lastly, my love for teas has me going gaga for this collection.  I'm ordering teas like crazy because I want an entire cabinet filled with nothing but teas from this company.  I must admit, I drink about 5 cups of teas as day with a slice of lemon and sweetened with agave nectar.

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