October 24, 2012

Beauty ~ My Beloved Rock & Republic Blush in Lust

Rock & Republic Blush in Lust

This is a Rock & Rebuplic Blush in the color Lust.  I bought this blush from a private seller and it arrived broken.  The seller has a "no return/no exchange" policy so i'm stuck with it.  I did let her know it arrived broken and at first she said she would meet me half way on a solution, but when I suggested splitting the cost for a replacement pan, I never heard back from her. 

This blush was packaged very poorly.  It wasn't in a box or wrapped between cardboard and even though it was wrapped in bubble wrap, that clearly wasn't enough protection to keep it from shattering.  I am going to try and repress it using a mixing medium or alcohol, i've seen this done for pressing pigments so hopefully it will work for this blush.

If you're familiar with the site Makeup Alley, it's a site where sellers have feedback, I had no recorse but to clearly leave this seller negative feedback.

Rock & Republic Blush in Lust