Fitness | Green Coffee Bean Extract and Alli/Orlistat Weight Loss Capsules

 Green Coffee Bean Extract and Alli/Orlistat Weight Loss Capsules
These are the two supplements I take regularly to help me reach my weight loss goals.  My goal initially was to lose 5lbs but I recently increased it to 10lbs because I want to bring my weight back up by adding muscle.

Before I started taking the Alli, I read lots of reviews online and comments on Facebook from people that had been successful and some that hadn't seen any changes at all.  That's why I suppose it works differently for each individual.  What I will say about the Alli is this, be careful with the amount of fat you're consuming in your diet when you begin taking the Alli, because if you don't you will have significant bowl movements which can become annoying and painful if you're susceptible to irritation in that area.

The Green Coffee Bean Extract provides an excellent source of energy and endurance.  I'm over 50 and going through menopause and my energy levels have decreased significantly so having this extra boost helps get me through my cardio and weight training routines at the gym.

The Alli (Orlistat) has been a slow progression getting used to.  Everyone's body reacts differently to this I suppose but the main purpose of this supplement is to block the absorption of fat.  In the box there's a manual which I suggest reading thoroughly because there's so much important information.
Before I begin taking Alli, I had prior experience taking Xenical.  Xenical is the prescription version and can only be prescribed by a physician.  Well, I was a flight attendant for 20yrs and whenever I flew to India I would buy all my prescriptions over there because you could buy anything in India without a prescription.  We even had a pharmacy in our crew layover hotel so I would go down and pick up Xenical, Ambien and K-flex which was an antibiotic and dump them into my vitamin holders because you couldn't bring any prescription packets through customs unless they had your name on them.  Flying made you subseptical to all kinds of aliments so it was in our best interest to have antibiotics on hand.

Alli/Orlistat Weight Loss Capsules

Since I already had prior experience taking Xenical, taking Alli was no big deal for me.  What seemed to be massively different between the two was the dosages,  Xenical is 120mg per capsule while the Alli is 60mg per capsule.  The recommended dosage for Xenical (120mg) is one with capsule with each meal while the  recommended dosage for Alli is one capsule (60mg) per meal. 

I decided to take 2 Alli Weight Loss Capsules twice a day to equal the doseage of the Xenical so I would achieve the same results in the same amount of time..... well not quite.  I lost 10lbs in a matter of 2mos while taking the Xenical and it's been past 2mos and i've only lost 5lbs while taking the Alli.  Since I don't have anymore Xenical, I haven't taken the time to do a comparison of all the ingredients of each but I do believe that Xenical has a little more extra something in it that makes it more powerful than the Alli.