July 23, 2012

Nutrition ~ What's in my Refrigerator

What's in my Refrigerator

If you take a moment and watch the 2 minute video below, I explain how I reorganized my refrigerator and the reasoning behind it.  I'm following a healthy eating regimen and i'm loosing weight naturally and not by starvation.   I read that says if you organize your refrigerator with most of the fruits and vegetables at the top, you will grab those healthy items first.  I found this to be very true.  My husband and I have totally changed the way we snack now.  I still have a cabinet (one) that I utilize for snacks but now there's a lot of healthy snacks and not chips or cookies, those have been replaced with healthy protein bars and pretzels.

As you can probably tell, my refrigerator is quite small and i'm really glad about this. With those larger refrigerators, you're more inclined to buy more foods to keep it full.  This way, I shop for what I need because I know I only have so much space to utilize.  This also keep my grocery budget down somewhat, though I do have to shop at least every 7 days for fresh food items.

What's in my Refrigerator

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