Nutrition ~ How I Lost 5 lbs Eating a High Protein Breakfast

How I Lost 5 lbs

It's no secret that your metabolism completely shuts down when you reach a certain age and it's nearly impossible to lose a pound let alone five pounds.  Well, just by changing my diet, doing yoga and walking everyday, I lost five pounds in three weeks. 

You might think three weeks is a lot of time but keep in mind I'm over 50yrs old and going through menopause, so it takes twice as long for me.  Recently I added seven pound ankle weights to my exercise program and I use them while lying down on my yoga mat and doing leg lifts, I can tell you that it really tones your thighs!

How I Lost 5 lbs

These are the condiments I use to compliment my breakfast.  I love the Agave Nectar because it's very sweet and flavorable.  I use it to sweeten my oatmeal as well as to sweeten my green tea which I drink after breakfast while taking my many supplements.

The I Can't Believe it's not Butter spray is one of the condiments that's listed in this cool website I found (link below) along with the Apple Butter spread and all types of spices to use. The Apple Butter spread is what I use on my toast, it contains natural sugars as opposed to added sugar which is in jelly's and jams. 

Below is my breakfast chart, I've been eating this same breakfast for the entire month and it has been working for me. Sometimes i'll substitute the oatmeal with raison bran crunch and vanilla soy milk but the calorie and fat content jumps by 100 points so I don't do this often. 

Breakfast Protein / Calorie / Fat

Turkey Bacon
(per slice)
5 gm/x2
3 gm/x2
(1 cup)
4 gm
2.5 gm
Wheat Bread
(1 slice)
4 gm
1 gm
(1 cup)

18 grams
428 Calories
9.5 grams

Please note:  I have two slices of Turkey Bacon on my place and that's why my protein totals 18grams.

This site called NowLoss will give you 249 foods that will help you lose weight fast.  It breaks down the complex carbohydrates that will help you lose weight as well as give you easy weight lost plans, quick weight loss tips, best diet supplement and weight loss workouts.

How I Lost 5 lbs
Happy Dieting!!