Beauty ~ Fashion Fair Vantex True Tone Moisturizer / Dark Spot Skin Corrector ~ (Part 2)

Vantex True Tone  Moisturizer / Dark Spot Skin Corrector
I've had the pleasure to use these two products for an entire month compliments of Fashion Fair's PR Team and I'm pleased to bring you my honest review.  What I experienced is that my entire complexion has lightened 1 to 2 degrees.  When I started to notice this, I started using the True Tone Dark Spot Corrector on my neck and ears so I could keep those areas consistent in color.

I'm not sure how I feel about having my complexion lighten, it didn't make a difference in my foundation and I was able to continue using the same color I've always used.
Of particular note, living in California, I've always had darker hands, maybe because they're always exposed to the sun. So I started using the True Tone Dark Spot Corrector on my hands and I've noticed that they've also lightened to a degree.

Vantex True Tone  Moisturizer / Dark Spot Skin Corrector

The consistency of the True Tone Dark Spot Corrector  is very thick, creamy and matte Although I didn't experience any excessive oils coming through my skin, I only used it at bedtime.

The consistency of the True Tone Moisturizer is very creamy and light.  It give my skin a very soft feel and gives it the extra moisture needed at bedtime.  I applied this right over the True Tone Dark Spot Corrector and then applied an eye cream around my entire eye area as I've always done for years.

I absolutely loved using these products and I recommend them to anyone of any complexion that has any discoloration on their face, neck or hands.

Vantex True Tone  Moisturizer / Dark Spot Skin Corrector

It has been my pleasure using these products and giving my true and honest opinion.  Thank you Fashion Fair PR Team for choosing me to review these products!

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