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CHI Silk Infusion Products

If you haven't heard abour CHI (Cationic Hydration Interlink) products I must say you're really missing out! CHI is a line of professional products available at all major beauty supplies that provides extreme moisture to your hair. 

These products aren't cheap but they're well worth the money.  I'm currently using these two products after reviewing so many Youtube videos on how wonderful these products work for rehydrating hair and protecting the hair from heat.

Silk Infusion - I love this product.  I apply it onto my hair wet right after i've rinsed my conditioner out. What I first notice is that my hair becomes extremely soft, I mean I can't even explain how soft it feels and I have really coarse hair. It also has a really nice smell that compliments the product.

44 Iron Guard - I have mixed feelings about this product.  It is heat protector that provides an extra coating over the hair to protect it from the heat.  Well i've tried using it two ways and i'm still not sure i'm using it right.  It's a spray that dampens the hair so the first time I used it I applied it right after the Silk Infusion and proceeded to blow dry.  I noticed my hair was very hard and stiff and there wasn't any bounce to it.  

The second time I used it I waited until my hair was dry, then I sprayed it on which made it a little damp so I had to dried it again.  This time I noticed it wasn't as stiff but I didn't like having to dry it a second time.... so the jury is still out on this product.

CHI Silk Infusion Products