September 19, 2011

Swatches ~ Mac Prep+Prime Skin Enhancer Illuminateur

Mac Prep+Prime Skin Enhancer Illuminateur
Ever wanted to know how actresses and models have such a beautiful glow on their faces and wondered how they achieve that look?  Well, there's many ways to get the "glow" but i've discovered a true love in Mac's Prim and Prep Skin Enhancer Illuminateur.  It comes in several colors but the color that matched closest to my skin was called "Recharged." 

Mac Prep+Prime Skin Enhancer Illuminateur

I absolutely love this product and have been using it faithfully ever since I watched one of my favorite  Youtube Guru's appliying it right after applying her foundation.  She applied it on her upper cheekbone, down the bridge of her nose and slightly between her brows.  I've only used it on my upper cheekbone and it really replaces the need to use a highligher.

I emailed her and asked what kind of brush she used and it was a brush that I didn't have in my collection, but it looks exactly like one I did have which is the Crown Duo Fiber Crease.  This brush is very lightweight and glides the product on without giving too much coverage and spreads evenly. 

Crown C429 DLX Duo Fiber Crease Brush

I've been wearing this all summer and love the lightweight feel it provides and blends in very beautifully with whatever blush you decide to use. I've used it with about 10 different blush colors and every time i've never been disappointed.... this product definitely gets a 10 in my rating.

Mac Prep+Prime Skin Enhancer Illuminateur