September 13, 2011

Beauty ~ How I store my Makeup Brushes

How I store my Makeup Brushes
This is how I store my brushes in these cute porcelain egg vases.  I've been collecting them for the past year  and they were all bought on from individual sellers. 

I have three different sizes and they're actually quite tall.  There's two 6" vases in the back on each side, then there's three 5" vases, one in the center back and two in front far left and far right.  Then there's two 3" vases in the center front.  I also have two 5" vases stored away in boxes.  I'm always trying to find them whenever I can just to have incase one breaks because they're so delicate. 

How do you store your brushes, please post a link to your Blog so I can follow!

How I store my Makeup Brushes