August 30, 2011

Swatches ~ My Custom Made Mac Pigment Quad

 My Custom Made Mac Pigment Quad
I had these Mac pigment colors pressed especially or me!  I absolutely love Mac Pigments and these are some of my favorite colors.  These were loose pigments pressed into pans using two different colors.

She charges $3 for 1/4tsp of any pigment color. I have 2 colors per pan so it cost $6 per pan. If you only want one color, then I believe it will only cost you $3 per pan. I believe this is a great way to try the Mac pigments considering Mac charges $19 per jar and you're never going to use it all up, this is certainly a better way to go.

I'm always buying samples from Blog Sales.  I have about 10 pigments jars with 10% to 50% product left in each jar ranging in prices from $5 -$10 dollars, just click on the red sale tab to see my sale items.
She capable of pressing multiple colors into a single pan and the results are excellent.  You can get single or double but I bet she can even press triple if you asked.... she's so talented!  They come individually packaged with labels and magnets attached to the back and securely packed in bubble wrap to prevent breakage.

I purchased the Mac quad from the Mac store specifically to store them in.  This is of course optional but I prefer mine neatly stored in palettes.  This is my first set and i'm looking forward to having a few more made with some of the many beautiful pigment colors Mac offers including a few of their discontinued ones.

 My Custom Made Mac Pigment Quad

 My Custom Made Mac Pigment Quad