Storage ~ Antique/Vintage Musical Jewerly Box

Antique/Vintage Musical Jewelry Box!
This is the cutest thing! I've always wanted to give my Granddaughter a keepsake and what a wonderful keepsake I found in this Vintage Jewerly Box.  It plays such a wonderful melody, I can't figure out the song but i'm sure the song is from the 40's. I wonder what my Granddaughter would think of it.  She's only 7yrs old so I decided I would just keep it until she's about 10 or 11, that way she'll appreciate it more.

I found this beautiful box while I was searching jewelry boxes for myself.  I like vintage oriental art so when I searched those words with jewelry box in the tagline, all sorts of items came up. I spent about 2hrs on my exercise bike (where I use my laptop and burn calories at the same time) searching through tons of sites that had photos close to what I was looking for.  So when I saw this box, I immediately fell in love with it and had to have it for my granddaughter.  Here's the link to the site where I found it -  

Antique/Vintage Musical Jewelry Box