December 23, 2010

Beauty ~ My Makeup Guide Lookbook

My Makeup Guide Lookbook
So I spent a little part of today updating my makeup guide in the computer and printing out new pages. Humm... why would anyone keep a record of their makeup? Well, for me, I really hate going shopping for makeup and buying dupes.  More than anything, I dread going back to the store to exchange them. Whenever I go back to exchange an item that's a duplicate, I end up purchasing more products that I really didn't need.  I love MAC makeup... period!  Really... is there anything else that can compare to MAC?  I have a small collection of NARs, Chanel, Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown and Fashion Fair but nothing can compare to MAC and the pigmentation of their products.

 So back to the record-keeping, I keep makeup records simply because I don't like buying duplicates. Also, I really like buying the limited collections editions that comes out periodically.  Just knowing that they are limited is exciting and knowing only a select few will ever have them and once they're gone, that's it.

My Makeup Guide Lookbook

 I must say thought that I have quite a bit (and a little more than most) of MAC products but i'm definitely not a horder, just a collector... big difference. As 2011 approaches, I will continue my makeup hobby and anyone who loves makeup as much as I do should definitely start their Makeup Guide also... it's totally fun!