Beauty ~ My Natural Hair

As you can see, my natural hair is pretty long in it's natural state.  Stretched or pressed it is twice as long.  In the video I talk about a few things I do to my hair but not deeply in depth.  I'm in my early 50s now and my hair has just started thinning.  In a way i'm glad because I no longer have to press it before I braid it and my braids are no longer super thick. 

My hair is all natural, no perms, no pressing, no flat ironing and no blow drying.  I don't do anything to my natural hair after it's washed and conditioned but braid it and band it.  In the photo I used twists to give my hair some natural curls.

Below are the products I used.  The wand that looks like mascara is actually and natural brown dye used to cover the grey, it's not permanent so it washes out.

Natural Hair Update