October 23, 2016

Fashion | Fall Inspired | Video Vlog

Fall Inspired #fashionover50
I was cleaning out a large bin full of boots in my attic and these were at the very bottom stuffed in a pillow case. I had so many old pairs of boots that I ended up donating 12 pairs to the Salvation Army. This only cleared out about half of my collection.  I have so many boots that I would love to feature and showcase with different outfits that my head is spinning. The story behind these boots are simple.... I just don't know when or where I bought them. I'm assuming that they're over 20yrs old because they're over-the-knee suede cowboy boots and you just don't see anything like them anymore.  I save almost everything... in moderation but If they're good quality and I know they won't go out of style... up in the attic they go in storage bins.

October 20, 2016

Swatches | Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation & Candlelight Custom Enhancer Drops | Video Demo

Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation & Candlelight Custom Enhancer Drops
This is my second purchase from Cover FX since last year. I purchased their Custom Cover Drops in two different colors and I absolutely loved them. Over the summer they came out with a wide range of Pressed Mineral Foundations in a huge array of colors to match a variety of skintones. I immediately found my color match with N80 and I was completely floored. I also purchased the Custom Enhancer Drops in Candlelight which I was totally excited to have based on swatches I had seen on the internet.

October 17, 2016

Fashion | The Kimono

The Kimono

 I must admit this Kimono is about 20yrs old.... I remembered that I had it when another blogger friend put out a fashion challenge rocking kimonos. I thought... I think I have one somewhere in my dozen of hanging garment bags:) I got to looking and low and behold I found it.  Not sure if it's considered vintage of not because I have no knowledge of the kimono fashion, but I sure had fun wearing it for these photos.

October 16, 2016

Lookbook | Casual Daytime Into Sexy Nightime | Video Collaboration

Lily Seymour & MaryEllen After 60
I did a video collaboration with my very dear friend on Youtube who's channel is MaryEllen After 60. You would never believe that she's actually over sixty because she has the most gorgeous skin ever.  I'm always on her channel commenting on her videos and I've just about bought all the skin care products that she mentions in her tutorials. Our collaboration was a Casual Daytime into Sexy Nighttime so we transformed our daytime looks into the glam that you see here. 

October 12, 2016

Beauty | Top High End Palettes for Fall/Winter 2016 | Video

High End Palettes for Fall/Winter 2016

I asked my followers on Instagram if they wanted to see a video of "high-end palettes" or "high-end highlighters" for Fall they overwhelmingly choose "high-end palettes". So I gave them 6 of my favorite palettes for fall along with swatches.  I also compared them to another palette from the same brand.  The video is a little over 8mins long and is full of fun palettes and swatches. I hope that you take a moment and watch it and also follow me on YT for more video swatches and comparisons.

October 9, 2016

Fashion | Red Sheer Maxi Dress

Fashion | Red Sheer Maxi Dress
I purchased several great finds on Amazon in the last few weeks! If you follow my blog then you'll know that I try and find items on Amazon similar to those worn by the younger fashionista's that I admire.  This dress is made to be worn or layered over several pieces. It can we worn with shorts, a skirt, jeans or even leggings as how I wore them.  This gave me the light coverage I needed over my tank top keeping my arms from being exposed while I was out and about in some very cool air conditioned areas.