April 19, 2014

Lifestyle ~ 2014 18th Annual Black Writers on Tour Conference

18th Annual Black Writers on Tour Conference
I had the opportunity of attending the 18th Annual Black Writers on Tour Conference that was held in Los Angeles this weekend.

It was a fun filled day packed with seminars and book signings with over 100 prominent and rising African American authors from the Los Angeles area.

This is a traveling tour that features Black authors from respective cities the tour visits.  Along with the book signings, there were numerous seminars presented throughout the day. These seminars were pay to attend but there was also a handful of free seminars that you could pop your head into and hear various speakers.  I had a wonderful time networking and meeting some of the authors, below are some of my highlights.

April 13, 2014

Review ~ Smile Brilliant LED Professional Teeth Whitening System

Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening SystemI had the opportunity to review the Smile Brilliant LED Professional Teeth Whitening System in the comfortability of my own home.  There was quite a bit of information to read beforehand which was very helpful in determining the correct way to use the products.

Product Information
Cost: $39.95
Available online at Smile Brilliant
One year warranty

Inside the package you will find 1) a high intensity LED accelerator light, 2) a teeth whitening gel pin, 3) upper and lower protective trays 4) a spare brush and 5) a detailed instruction brochure.

April 9, 2014

Fashion ~ Baby Pinks For a Touch of Femininity in Fitness Wear

Fitness Wear by Xersion

Just another normal day of running errands in my daily fitness gear.  Now that it's Spring, I can wear more of my lighter colors like pinks, corals and whites to really brighten up my day.  

April 5, 2014

Lookbook ~ Dare I Say Color Play With Pinks and Purples

I can't explain why I'm always grabbing pinks and purples, maybe because they're colors I tend to feel comfortable wearing for many different occasions. Am I the only one with a safe haven of colors that I feel comfortable wearing at a moment's notice?

When I think about color play, i'm generally thinking about creating something daring and dramatic. But the minute I sit down and start to beat, I get scared.  I think it has something to do with my age.

I hardly ever wear any black or deep dark eyeshadow colors, while they might look beautiful on other women over 50, the just don't look good on me. Darker colors tend to make me look old and... well... let's just say.... i'm all about defying my age!

April 2, 2014

Fashion ~ Spring Fitness Wear With Pops of Corals

Jacket, Pants, Tank - BeBe Sports Fitness WearRemember Bebe Sports? They were around about 5 years ago and had some of the sexiest fitness wear on the planet.

Sexy may be an understatement because some of their stuff was down right x-rated. I have some tops that are borderline lingerie and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them in a gym!

Well, before Bebe Sports left the planet, I managed to obtain quite a few pieces. Their fitness wear was some of the best on the market, right up their with Nike and I wanted them all. Mostly what I bought was the jackets and tanks because let's face it, I probably have more black stretch pants than I have undies to wear them with!

April 1, 2014

Giveaway ~ Canon Rebel T3 Summer Dreams Giveaway! Ends April 30th!

Welcome to the #SummerDreams Camera Ready Sweepstakes!

March 31, 2014

Lookbook ~ Florals Using Blues & Pinks #Inspirations

Florals Using Blues & Pinks #Inspirations
In addition to my Lookbook posts, I'm going to start creating post using the hashtag #Inspirations from colors that speaks to me. I will only color one eye and photograph that one eye, not the entire face and use the hashtag #Inspirations.

I'm inviting all other Beauty Blogger to join in with me and start creating one eye #Inspirations with colors you find appealing.  These colors can be from anywhere.... nature... travels... florals.... or whatever captures your eye.

In everything we find #Inspirations, even when we close our eyes, there's imaginable beauty beyond the horizons, all we have to do is visualize and create.

March 30, 2014

Lookbook ~ What Lovely Corals for Spring You Have!

Come into my castle full of vibrant colors for Spring! There's corals, yellows, oranges and reds along with a bevy of lipsticks for you to sink your lips into.

Spring signifies the abundance of vibrant colors to mix and match and compliment almost anything we have in our closets.  I don't know about you but Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  I live in sunny southern California and yes we do have warm weather year around, but certain colors just aren't meant to be worn out of season.

So with that said, I selected some of my favorite colors for Spring and paired them with one of the brightest orange lipsticks that I could find in my stash.