December 7, 2016

Beauty | What Plastic Surgery Did I Have?

When I start reading little chatter on my YT videos and speculations start swirling, I feel it's time to address the little elephant in the room.... what plastic surgery did I have? The only plastic surgery that I have had on my face was Blepharoplasty...aka upper eyelid surgery. This isn't a secret because I have an entire YouTube Playlist with 9 videos from surgery pre-opt to 1yr post-opt as well as an entire Blog Segment with 15 post dedicated to my Blepharoplasty. My surgery was 1.5yrs ago (April 2015) and it's been well documented all over my social media.

December 4, 2016

Fashion | Trench Coat Dress

I've had this trench coat for about 5yrs and it's from Bebe. This is the second time that I wore this trench coat as a dress, it's a very light pink color and I pared it with a wide beige belt, a beige shawl, beige purse and some pink flats.  It looks great with a pair of heels or flats as I've worn them with in this post. My camera is 5yrs old and my settings are very limited so the colors just won't show as vibrant as I want them to.  I have a Canon T3i and I hear they're up to a T6 or T8 by now. I actually have a new one on my Xmas wish list but I'm not sure I want to splurge right now. We have an upcoming ski trip planned in January during the MLK that I need to prepare for now.

December 2, 2016

Beauty | Chanel Ombres Lamées de Chanel For Holiday 2016

Chanel is releasing a special limited-edition palette called Ombres Lamées de Chanel ($105 for 14 g/0.49 oz, made in Italy). It launched officially on November 28th

November 27, 2016

Fashion | Reds & Browns

Fashion Over 50
It rained today so I wasn't going to go out of the house at all and take photos unless it stopped. By 3pm it stopped so pieced together this outfit and headed out with my Canon t3i to see if I could get some in before the night fell.  It was still pretty cloudy out so I had to crank up the ISO to 6000... it's probably why my sort of burgundy hair looks kind of red. Nothing exciting to report about this outfit, the crocheted knit topper came from Macy's maybe 5yrs ago... the brown top was from bought probably around the same time and the skirt.... well I collect maxi skirts so I have probably two dozen of them!

November 25, 2016

Lookbook | Mac Reflex Bronze Glitter

For this look I used Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad.  I used all for colors and I think you can clearly see the placement of each of the eyeshadows. I applied my Jordana Cat Eyeliner in 07 Suede which is a blue/purple but it came out really blue in the photos.  For pigment, I used Mac Reflex Bronze Glitter which is a really pretty bronze, but again it looks gold in the photos.  I did not use flash at all, I recently purchased the Sony a5000 because a lot of girls on IG use it and I like their photos. I'm still playing around with the ISO settings adjusting them higher or lower. I also use the setting "P" for portrait so that I can have "AF" automatic focus which is crucial for taking close self photos.

November 23, 2016

Beauty | How To Avoid Mistakes While Using the PMD Microdermabrasion Device

 PMD Microdermabrasion Device
After evaluating my skin and wanting to improve the look of my large pores, I decided to pull out my trusty old PMD Microdermabrasion Device.  After not having used it in a couple of years I figured it would do the trick of shrinking my pores and smoothing out my skin again. Needless to say, I didn't re-read any of my instructions.... I just went for it.  After going over my entire face (avoiding the sensitive areas like eyes), I immediately noticed some red streaks and I started flipping out. I was like... what have I done to my skin! I grabbed my Aloe Vera and started patting it over my entire face and it was burning like crazy. Finally it settled down and I had time to think and reflect on why this has happened.