October 8, 2015

Fitness ~ Weight Loss / Weight Lifting Update #fitnessover50 #fitover50

Weight Loss / Weight Lifting Update #fitnessover50 #fitover50

I'm not sure this is inspirational to anyone but I promised myself that I would keep updating the Fitness section of my Blog with photos of my journey just in case it inspires someone to get on the fitness bandwagon.  I wanted to post some of my Over 50 fitness inspirations from Instagram that I absolutely adore, they are in no particular order @fitnssover50@reds_fitness, dede397_  & truth2beingfit.  There's so many others that I follow as well, just go to Instagram and search the hashtag #fitover50.

I also wanted to share my fitness trainer's Instagram page @fitqueenofhearts.  She's teaching me the correct way to lift free weights that I never would have touched if it wasn't for her. My entire workout program has changed for the better.  I know that a lot of fitness people don't eat any carbs whatsoever, but i'm not there yet. I'm still on my sugar detox although I do consume honey in small amounts, I'm hoping to totally go carb free in the near future to reach my fitness goals.... continuing the journey!

October 5, 2015

Swatches ~ Mac Vamplify, MACnificent Me Luzmaria & Tresor, Dazzle Shadow and Studio Sculpt Superblack Mascara

Mac Vamplify, MACnificent Me Luzmaria & Tresor, Dazzle Shadow and Studio Sculpt Superblack Mascara

I purchased several items from the Mac Cosmetics store in my local Macy's and a few others online. I don't think that I have very many fall lipsticks so I wanted to add just a few to my stash.  I'm still not sure if dark lipsticks a flattering on women over a certain age but I couldn't resist trying these two colors since the swatches I'd seen were breathtaking and complimented the fall eye looks that i've been so eagerly trying.

September 29, 2015

Beauty ~ Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer Review on Mature Brown Skin + Video

 Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer Review on Mature Brown Skin

I purchased my primer form Sephora right before summer.  I had heard that it was very matte and left the skin smooth and oil free.  But right after I purchased it, I began wearing powder foundations because during the summertime, my face gets too oily with liquid foundations.  Now that it's fall, I decided to give it a try underneath my MUFE  HD Foundation which is one of my favorite foundations.

September 28, 2015

Beauty ~ My 2015 Holiday Collection Makeup Wishlist

There's so many really nice makeup collections launching this holiday season, I thought I would take a moment and compile my list of some of my favorites.

September 26, 2015

Fitness ~ From Sugar Detox to Weight Lifting & Cardio

Now that I've finished my 30 Day Sugar Detox Program, I'm continuing my journey to be the best that I can be in mind, body and spirit. You can find more information on the program I used here Day 15 of my 30 Day Sugar Detox. 

Now that I'm on track with my diet, I started lifting weights twice as heavier than I was before. I gained back 2lbs of muscle as you can clearly see in the photo, that the fat around my waist is disappearing.  So here's my weekly routine

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Roller-skating on the beach for 5 miles (2.5 miles each way)
Tuesday, Thursday - Power-walk 4 miles (2 miles each way)
Saturday - Yoga  for one hour
Sunday - Rest

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - Lower Body - Squats 3 sets, Leg Press 3 sets, Leg Extensions 2 sets quads / 2 sets hamstrings, Abs 100 Sit-ups, Upper Body - Tricep Machine 3 sets, Bicep Machine 3 sets, Lat Pull Down 3 sets, Rowing Machine 3 sets
Sunday - Rest

I use both free weight and the stationary weight machines.  I feel that this variation in lifting works the muscles differently and gives me a all around workout.

September 25, 2015

Beauty ~ DazzlePro Advanced GT Sonic Power Toothbrush Review

DazzlePro Advanced GT SonicToothbrush

I initially introduced the Dazzlepro here on my Blog about 2-wks ago.  From that period until now, i've had the awesome pleasure of using the Dazzlepro twice a day and i'm very excited to bring you my final reviews on this product.

To refresh your memory, the Dazzlepro has several key features that are very specific to maintaining the health and wellness of our teeth. It preforms optimally with minimal pressure and effort. 

Product Information
Cost $99.00 ($249.00 Value)
Use code:  LilySeymour814 (50% discount)
1 Year Warranty