August 31, 2014

Why I'm Moving Away From Disqus Commenting System

I've been on Disqus for about 2 years and i've learned a few things about their commenting process that I feel hasn't helped my Blog.  Disqus is great for people that don't have a Google account because it allows them to comment using other profiles such as FB and Twitter. While Disqus has those perks along with others such as showing "related post" it doesn't help my Blog in the page ranking system.  I was searching for information that would give me more insight about Disqus whereas it relates to the google/alexa ranking system, but I kept coming up empty.

I know that comments are really important in the scheme of things and especially when it comes to page rank.  I've also realized that by not having my Blog on Google's blogging platform, my comments doesn't show up in my Google feed.  With Youtube being a part of Google, it's very easy to respond to comments on my videos through the Google+ app, but Disqus fails to have an app that notifies you when you get comments.

The only way to comment using Disqus is by logging directly into my Disqus profile or scrolling through my Blog posts, those are the only viable ways to respond.  I'm at a point now where I don't want to feel restricted.  Removing the Disqus application code from my blog won't affect the comments, they will always stay in my Disqus comment stream of my profile if I need to access them. With this said, if you're re-reading some articles i've written where you've commented on and notice that they're gone, it's because I've changed over from the Disqus commenting system to the Google+ commenting system which is a part of Google's Blogger platform.

August 29, 2014

Nails ~ Zoya 2014 Fall Collection Nail Polishes

Zoya 2014 Fall Collection Nail Polishes
Zoya knocked it out of the ball park with their new line of fall colors.  I recently stopped by Ulta for some retail therapy and saw all the colors, I couldn't resist and had to purchase a few.  These aren't cheap by far, they cost $8 but in my opinion.... they are well worth it.

August 27, 2014

Swatches ~ Pati Dubroff Aqua Tint Lip Gloss Collection

 Pati Dubroff Aqua Tint Lip Gloss Collection

I picked up this gorgeous Aqua Lip Gloss Collection set from my local Costco's for $5.  They are very pigmented and sheer at the same time.  They are part of a makeup line created by world renowned celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff.  

August 25, 2014

Tips for Behind the Scenes Beauty Blogger Photography ~ #CarefreeChallenge

 Behind the Scenes Beauty Blogger Photography
As an over 50's Beauty Blogger, I take my responsibilities as an amateur photographer pretty seriously.  I'm excited when my photos turn out exactly like I want them and even more excited when I get nice compliments.

I decided to take you behind the scenes of a typical photo shoot and show you my setup and also offer you some tips for indoor photography as well as lighting.

August 20, 2014

Swatches ~ Guerlain Kiss Kiss Fall 2014 Ecrin 4 Couleurs

I was so excited to receive these Guerlain Kiss Kiss Fall 2014 Ecrin 4 Couleurs in Les Violines and Les Sables. When they finally arrived I was so disappointed that the colours weren't as vibrant and they are appeared in the website.  Take a look here and do your own comparison.  These are now in my Blog Sale... click the red tab above if you're interested in purchasing them.

August 19, 2014

Lookbook ~ Rainbow Pop Using Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad

Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad

I absolutely love bright colors, I've tried the smokey eye look and even the neutral look but I always seem to gravitate to fun colors for my lookbook post.